Relationship between Mothers’ Knowledge with Diarrhea Prevention in Toddlers

  • Indah Dewi Ridawati Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Palembang
  • Bintoro Nugroho Musi Rawas District Social Service
Keywords: Knowledge, prevention of diarrhea disease


Diarrhea is a condition that is not normal feces expenditure or unusual, characterized by an increase in volume, thinned, and the frequency is more than three  times a day. The prevalence of diarrhea diseases is increasing, the total cases of diarrhea diseases listed in the Work Area Air Lais sub-district Community Health centers Padang Jaya in 2014 reached 230 cases. This happens because the prevention of diarrhea diseases has not been done optimally by Padang Jaya sub-district community. The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between knowledge with prevention of diarrhea disease in toddlers. This research is a quantitative research with cross sectional design. The sample in this study were mothers with children under five by purposive sampling technique. The participants of this research was 95 mothers and statistical analysis using chi square. Results of the analysis found correlation between maternal knowledge with efforts to prevent diarrhea disease in toddlers (ρ value = 0.000). Expected health workers can improve the promotion for better health and increasing efforts to prevent diarrhea diseases that can be carried by mothers as a prevention of diarrhea disease in Toddlers.