Utilization of Home Care Using Standard Acupunture and Post Particular Painting Intensity to Reduce Post Sectio Cesarea Pain Intensity in Hospital Mitra Sejati Medan

  • Siska Suci Triana Ginting Department of midwifery STIKES Mitra Husada Medan
  • Lisa Putri Damanik Department of midwifery STIKES Mitra Husada Medan
  • Herna Rina Yanti Manurung STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
  • Zulkarnaen Batubara STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
Keywords: Home care, Acupuncture Technique, Standard Postpartum Care, Post Partum Pain Intensity, Post Cesarean Sectio


The mortality rate in cesarean section is 40-80 per 100,000 live births. This figure shows a 25x greater risk than labor through vaginal delivery. One Day Care service prevents patients from nosocomial infections because patients do not need to be treated long in the hospital so they can reduce costs incurred by patients. The purpose of this research is to gain more knowledge and understand about health care at home (home care) with standardized acupuncture and puerperal care techniques to reduce the intensity of post sectio pain in the area. Pre and post test research methods. The technique of measuring the decrease in pain intensity in this study was the researcher went to the Sectio Caesarea postoperative mother on the first day and intervened on postoperative pain and pain
measurement, then the researcher performed acupuncture. The results of the study have the effect of the use of acupuncture therapy on pain reduction in post partum SC mothers.