Bradley and Hypnobirthing Models in an Antenatal Class to Overcome Anxiety for Pregnant Women at PMB and Puskesmas, Palembang City 2019

  • Heni Sumastri
  • Ellita Vasra Midwifery Major Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Palembang
Keywords: Bradley Method, hypnobirthing, anxiety


Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes that women experience in their life cycle. Obstruction induced by anxiety and pain at delivery can lead to
artificial interventions such as a C-section (SC). In 2011, the percentage of SC increased dramatically to 30-80% in private hospitals in Indonesia. The bad impact of
pregnant women anxiety triggers the stimulation of uterine contractions. The result of this condition can increase blood pressure so that it can trigger preeclampsia and miscarriage (Maharani, 2008 in Novriani, 2017). The purpose of this research is to see the effect of health education Hypnobirthing (done by
officers) and the Bradley Method (husband - trained to do affirmations). Quasi experimental research design with pre and post methods. Research sites at PKM
Pembina Palembang and BPM Husniyati Palembang. The population was all third trimester pregnant women and samples after the study for each intervention
amounted to 22 for pre intervention and 22 for intervention pots so that the total sample was 44 respondents.The results showed that the age of respondents at low risk was 86.4%, low parity was 18 people (81.8%) and respondents who worked were 7 people (31.8%). There were significant differences before
and after the intervention both Hypnoprenatal (: p value = 0, 000) and the Bradley method (p value = 0.024). There is no difference before and after Hypnoprenatal intervention: p Value = -0.069, Bradley Method: p Value = 0.418. The results of the correlation test on hypnoprenatal p value = 0.106 and the Bradley method p value = -0.183 means that there is no influence before and  after the intervention. Suggestions are expected that after this research, the self hypnosis manual that the author has made becomes a reference or reference for mothers in doing hypnosis.