The Effect of Family-Based Education on Exclusive Breastfeeding to Optimize Child Development in the Golden Period

  • Tetti Seriati Situmorang Department of Midwifery STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
  • Riska Susanti Pasaribu Department of Midwifery STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
  • Deby Cyntia Yun Department of Midwifery STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
  • Isyos Sari Sembiring Department of Midwifery STIKes Mitra Husada Medan
Keywords: family, education, exclusive breast milk


During golden period, the brain experienced the fastest development in the history of its life, up to 80%. Breast milk is the best food in early life. Exclusive breastfeeding coverage has not been achieved. Several reasons are the cause, namely: the length of time when the milk comes out the first time you feed,
the family /community perception that the cause of the baby crying after being breastfed is because there is not enough milk so that it needs to be given formula milk. This study aims to identify the effect of family-based education on exclusive breastfeeding. The research design used a quasi experiment, pre
test and post test with control group design. Starting with pre-test on both groups of respondents, then in the intervention group family-based education was carried out (involving the husband/1 other family member) about exclusive breastfeeding for 3 meetings. The third stage carried out a post test in both groups.
The number of respondents was 30 people each group of 15 breastfeeding mothers. Data analysis used Wilcoxon test and Mann Whitney test. The results showed that there was a significant influence between family-based education on exclusive breastfeeding (p value = 0.028). Naturally, healthy newborn
babies can breastfeed, the more frequent breastfeeding of breast milk products will increase so that exclusive breastfeeding is possible to achieve, the knowledge and attitudes of mothers and their families need to be improved. It is recommended that family-based education be implemented to increase the
achievement of exclusive breastfeeding.