Peer Review Process

Uploaded manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor. The editor will decide whether the article manuscript is in accordance with the focus and scope for review, it will take one or two weeks to assess 1 article manuscript. Articles that have passed will then be assessed by at least 1 reviewer (blind peer review). Based on the results of the review, the editor will decide. There are three possible editor's decisions: the manuscript is accepted, corrected/revised, or rejected, the time required for this activity is at least 4 - 8 weeks. Time for a final decision depends on the reviewer, author and others.

The final decision will take at least 4 - 8 weeks. The total time for the publication of the article manuscript depends on the date of upload, the journal's publication schedule, the author's compliance with the writing guidelines.

Accepted article manuscripts will be published according to the schedule and volume of the journal.