The Peer Review process goes through the following steps:

1. The author submits articles
2. The editor conducts an initial review of the article to decide whether the manuscript is in accordance with the scope and focus of the journal and conformity with the author guidelines. If it is decided to pass, the article enters the review process, but if (1) the scope and focus do not match then the article is not passed, (2) but if the scope and focus of the articles are appropriate, but the guidelines are not appropriate, you can get away with repairs.
3. Reviewers review research articles through double blind peer review process. The editor receives the results of the review and makes editorial decisions.
4. Editorial decisions include (1) Manuscripts. The article is accepted (2) the article is corrected/revised according to the reviewer's input to then be accepted (3) the article is rejected.

The total turnaround time for publishing the manuscript depends (besides the factors mentioned above) on the submission date, the journal publication schedule, the author's adherence to publication guidelines. Reviews and accepted submissions are published by Medeka Nursing journal every 2-3 months.